~7:30AM-INFERNO     9AM     12PM-Core 40     4PM     ~6PM-INFERNO

6AM     9AM     12PM-INFERNO     4PM     6PM

~7:30AM-INFERNO     9AM     12PM     4PM     ^6PM-$10 Drop-In CASH ONLY

6AM     **9AM-Silent Class    12PM-Core 40     4PM     ~6PM-INFERNO

~7:30AM-INFERNO     9AM     ~12PM-INFERNO     4PM

7:30AM     ~9:30AM-INFERNO     *12PM-Community Class     4PM

7:30AM     4PM


All classes are Classic 26/2 Hot Yoga except the ones designated as Core 40 OR INFERNO (Hot Pilates).

All 26/2 and Core 40 classes are 90 minutes. Inferno Hot Pilates classes are 60 minutes.

Studio opens 30 minutes prior to class (15 minutes prior to the 6am and 7:30am) and closes 30 minutes after class.

New students please arrive 15 minutes early. Click here for more information.

*Community Class every Saturday at 12pm. This class is FREE for NEW students (Local Residents ONLY).

**Silent Class is for experienced students only.

^NEW students must make an account online to receive Date Night pricing on Wednesdays at 6pm.

~Please sign-up online for all Inferno Hot Pilates classes and arrive at least 5 minutes before class. Your spot may be given to someone on the waiting list if you have not checked in 5 minutes before class starts.

For information on special classes and other studio events, please click here.