~7:30AM-INFERNO     9AM-BEND 90     12PM-BEYOND 60     4PM-BEND 90     ~6PM-INFERNO

6:15AM-BEND 60     ~7:30AM-INFERNO.    **9AM-SILENT BEND 90    ~ 12PM-INFERNO     4PM-BEND 90     6PM-BEND 90

~7:30AM-INFERNO     9AM-BEND 90     12PM-BEND 60     ^4PM-BEND 90 Date Night     ^6PM-BEND 90 Date Night

6:15AM-BEND 60    ~7:30AM-INFERNO     9AM-BEND 90    12PM-BEYOND 90     4PM-BEND 90     ~6PM-INFERNO

~7:30AM-INFERNO     9AM-BEND 90     ~12PM-INFERNO     4PM-BEND 90

7:30AM-BEND 90     ~9:30AM-INFERNO     *4PM-BEND 90 Community Class

7:30AM-BEND 90     ~9:30AM-INFERNO     4PM-BEND 90    6PM-GENTLE BEND   


BEND 90 and BEYOND 90 classes are 90 minutes. Inferno Hot Pilates, BEND 60, BEYOND 60, Gentle BEND classes are 60 minutes.

Studio opens 20 minutes prior to class and closes 30 minutes after class.

New students please arrive 15 minutes early. Click here for more information.

*Community Class every Saturday at 4pm. This class is FREE for NEW students (Local Residents ONLY).

**Silent Class is for experienced students only.

^NEW students must make an account online to receive Date Night pricing on Wednesdays at 4pm and 6pm. Date Night Drop-In rate is $10-CASH ONLY.

~Please sign-up online for all Inferno Hot Pilates classes and arrive at least 5 minutes before class. Your spot may be given to someone on the waiting list if you have not checked in 5 minutes before class starts. Late Cancel (less than 2 hours before class) charge is $5.

For information on special classes and other studio events, please click here.