Frequently Asked Questions

I have never done yoga, is that a problem?
Absolutely not! Bend 90, Bend 60, and Gentle Bend are beginning yoga series accessible to everyone. No experience needed! In every class you will find a mixture of experienced and first-time students.

What do I need to bring with me?
See here to find out more on how to prepare for class and what to bring.

How many times per week should I practice?
Practice as often as your body and your schedule allow. “For great results, practice three times per week. For life changing results, practice six days per week.” But always remember one class is better than none!

Do I need to make a reservation?
Our classes do sell out, so it is always best to reserve your spot online ahead of time! Please register and sign up for classes here. If you are new to our studio please arrive at least 15 minutes before class is scheduled. If you have any problems with online registration, please email us at

How much water should I drink?
LOTS! You can lose several pounds of water during class. You should be drinking 1-2 liters per day, every day. On the days you practice hot yoga, you’ll need up to 3-4 liters.

What makes our HOT room so awesome?
Heat – ENERJOY radiant panels heat the room to 105 degrees from the top down. The ceiling panels are energy-efficient and fully recyclable.

Humidity – An in-line steam humidifier is used to increase humidity to 40 percent in the yoga room.

ERV – An Energy Recovery Ventilator monitors carbon dioxide in the room and provides fresh, pre-heated air to the yoga room as needed. This ensures that you always have fresh air to breathe throughout class. After every class the ERV flushes the room, completely changing out all the air helping to keep the room fresh and clean.

Floor – NO carpet in our HOT room! Our recycled non-slip rubber floor is the cleanest and safest surface out there on which to practice hot yoga.

Why is the room heated?
(From: The Union yoga + strength ...because their answer is so good!)

The heat does the following 6 things:
1. Enhances vasodilatation* so that more blood is delivered to the muscles.
2. Allows oxygen in the blood to detach from the hemoglobin more easily.**
3. Speeds up the breakdown of glucose and fatty acids.
4. Makes muscles more elastic, less susceptible to injury.
5. Elevates your metabolism and burns fat more easily.
6. Increases perspiration and therefore detoxification.

You are changing the construction of your body as you perform these postures. Think of it as a piece of steel. When the steel is hot it becomes soft. When the steel is cool, it is easier to break and does not bend as easily. The heat makes your body more malleable. Warm muscles are more elastic and less susceptible to injury. Warmer temperatures produce a fluid-like stretch that allows greater range of motion. Cold muscles don’t absorb shock or impact as well and aren’t stretched as well so they get injured more readily. Additionally, the oxygen and blood exchange rate is more rapid so you are getting more oxygen to your tissues, and your heart is more efficient. It is clearing out the valves of the heart chambers. It helps to flush out the arteries. Sweating is important because it takes the majority of the workload off the kidneys and the liver allowing the skin, which is the largest organ of the body, to excrete toxins. It exfoliates the skin by ridding the dead skin cells, so your skin will become clearer.The capillaries that weave around the muscles respond to the heat by dilating. This brings more oxygen to the muscles and helps in the removal of waste products such as carbon dioxide and lactic acid.

* When blood passes through warm muscles oxygen releases more easily from the hemoglobin. Blood passing through cold muscles releases less oxygen.

** Warm muscles burn fat more easily than cold ones. Fat is released during stress. The stress of intense exercise causes a deluge of fatty acids into the blood stream. If you exercise with cold muscles, the muscles cannot use the fatty acids, and the fatty acids end up in places where they aren’t wanted, such as the lining of the arteries.

NOTE: Muscles aren’t the only beneficiaries of heat. Higher temperatures improve the function of the nervous system, meaning that messages are carried more rapidly to and from the brain and spinal cord.

I felt dizzy/nauseous in class, is this normal?
This is not uncommon, especially when you are new to Classic Hot Yoga. Remember your goal for the first few classes is to just stay in the room the entire 90 minutes. If you feel dizzy/nauseous in the standing series, sit down in a kneeling position. During the floor series, simply lie in Savasana. Always bring your focus to the breath, slowing it down, and then resume class when you are ready.

What if I am not flexible?
This is the most common misconception that prevents people from coming to a yoga class. Yoga is not about how flexible you are, but about strengthening your body and spine in all directions. All that matters is that you try the right way. By going to your personal “edge” you will get 100% of the benefits!

Is Classic Hot Yoga a cardiovascular workout and can I lose weight?
No matter what your level of fitness, you will find Classic Hot Yoga very challenging. Each posture combines flexibility, strength, and balance to work your whole body inside out. With patience, persistence, and dedication, you can lose inches and develop muscle tone and strength.

Can I practice Classic Hot Yoga and continue other forms of exercise?
Yes! For some of our students, yoga has become their sole form of fitness. However, many students practice yoga to complement their other workouts. Practicing Classic Hot Yoga will enhance your performance in any other activities you choose to do.

What are some of the benefits of Classic Hot Yoga?
There are unlimited benefits to Classic Hot Yoga. It reduces stress, increases blood circulation, and improves strength and flexibility. Regular practice (at least three times a week) can reduce the symptoms of many chronic diseases such as arthritis, diabetes, and thyroid disorders. It also reenergizes and revitalizes the entire body.

Is this Bikram Yoga?
YES! All of our teachers are Bikram certified and our Classic 26/2 Hot Yoga class is 100% authentic Bikram Yoga…26 postures, 2 breathing exercises, 90 minutes, 105 degrees, 40% humidity.