What Our Students Are Saying

Bend Beyond has given me a new perspective on yoga...and life. As someone with a very Type-A Personality, this is the only 90 minutes each day I can truly devote to myself; best of all - anyone can practice at Bend Beyond, regardless of skill level or experience.
— Bree Dugan
I’ve been practicing Bikram at Bend Beyond for a couple of years and every drop of sweat is worth its weight in Gold!
— Brittany Simkins
This class has made me more patient and less judgmental. I love the breathing, the sweating, and the trying. It is a chance to stop talking, to focus, and to listen. I have learned to “trust the process,” and this is making me stronger.
— Robin Kuntzelman
Just walking into the studio makes my day — the space is beautiful, everyone is kind, and I get to do yoga with a great community of teachers and students.
— Kate Ryan
Bend Beyond keeps my 64 year old body feeling just great. I don’t have any chronic aches or pains. I feel composed, calm, strong, fit, flexible and healthy every single day. I am so grateful for those who share the room and those who lead!
— Susan Connell
I love Bikram Yoga because it eliminates my pain. I had seen a chiropractor regularly since I was 16, but I have not needed an adjustment since I discovered Bikram Yoga. I have worked very hard physically for years ranching with my family and plumbing with my husband, and being a small framed, middle-aged woman, it has taken a toll. If I don’t make it to class, my body reminds me! During the last few months, my life has been a wild roller coaster. My father died unexpectedly on New Year’s Day and threw us all into a tailspin. As my practice has grown, yoga has become mentally soothing, as well as physically. I am also sleeping better and feeling more alive than ever before. I tell everyone that Bikram has changed my life, and it can change yours too!
— Renee Thill
I’ve practiced Bikram Yoga for six years and am delighted to call Bend Beyond my home studio! The owner Kristyn is delightful , the teachers top notch... Helpful and encouraging and the community warm and welcoming! I’ve practiced at studios all over the country and this is my fav:)
— Kathleen C.
I started attending Bend Beyond in December of 2014 and will never look back. Since starting, my balance, core strength, and health have improved. I love the community at Bend Beyond and look forward to each class.
— Micaela McKenna
To all of my yoga friends,
This is a letter that I have owed Chris, Rebekah and all my other wonderful yoga instructors for a long time. I started yoga three years ago this month. It was the first yoga class that I ever attended. I was 59 years old and headed down hill health-wise. I have done a lot of physical work in my younger days and had my share of injuries including back and knee surgeries. Everything was fine until I started losing my muscle tone. At 59 I would get of the bed in the morning by rolling to the side and get my feet on the floor, sit up and then walk my hands up my legs to get upright. But that wasn’t enough to make me try Yoga. What made me start to try yoga was when the doctors told me I have severe sleep apnea and that I need to use a machine to breathe at night. That was more than this old red neck country boy could take. It was time for a life changing experience. When I started yoga the hardest posture for me was Savasana (That’s when you lay on your back on the floor). My lower back hurt so bad that I couldn’t do the sit-up at the end of the rest period (20 seconds). So I would roll over on my side to get up for the next posture. Well that gives you an idea of where I started. Today I lead a normal life with a better back, neck, knees, and no @#$%$% machine. I have come a long way since those first days of lying on the floor and trying to get my breath, knowing all too well that the person next to me must have got the last available oxygen. I use to say “the shower was the best part and the rest of it just sucked”. Now I just smile and say “that was challenging”. I feel yoga is a great path to follow and can help a lot of people both physically and mentally.
Now let’s talk about you. First, if you are reading this you are ready for a real change in your life. Second, face the facts, we all have physical limitations. You go and you do what you can. There are no losers. Third, there is no free lunch. If you want to feel good about your body and get control of your mind, you have to work at it. Fourth, I’m sure you can come up with many reasons why you shouldn’t do this. Just remember that’s all in your head.
Well if you come to a Bikram’s yoga class and you hear the instructor say “Bob suck in your stomach” you will know that I’m there. I hope you have a great day!
— Bob Able

I’m writing because I want you to know how much Bend Beyond and Classic Hot Yoga has helped my low back problems. I had an accident about three years ago that caused damage to my low back to the point that I had ‘drop foot’ (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Foot_drop). I sought help from James at Bozeman’s Great Northern Physical Therapy. His help was crucial to turning the damage around, but what I found in the two years after was that I just wasn’t good at keeping up all the prescribed PT exercises, in fact I was pathetic. My health insurance didn’t cover the physical therapy so it was too expensive to use formal PT sessions to keep my back in shape. I had been doing Classic Hot Yoga (Bikram Method) since 2004, but in that two year period after the PT some of the postures seemed to aggravate the condition so I stopped. I finally tried it again, but this time I talked to Kristyn, the owner of Bend Beyond. I could have talked to any of her teachers because they are all knowledgeable. Kristyn showed me variations on only four of the postures and explained that if I ‘listen to my body’ on all the postures, I would be safe. She said the postures would strengthen and heal my back. She was right. I no longer need to modify postures because I no longer have the back problem. The combination of PT and Hot Yoga worked for me. Thank You.
— Mike Yinger