Workshops with Benjamin Sears

Bend Beyond is happy to announce the return of Benjamin Sears to Bozeman for a weekend of yoga workshops! Benjamin is an internationally known yoga teacher and mentor and was recently dubbed a "master" by Yoga Journal. For more information on Benjamin, please visit his website This is an incredible opportunity to deepen your practice and should not be missed! To register please email Kristyn at

Friday March 30th - 4-6:30pm - $35
Effort to Grace - Bend 90 Extended Master Class
Up your skill to turn effort into grace. Learn how the Bandhas (energetic locks) apply in your Bend 90 (Bikram Yoga) practice and find peace within the intensity. This is not about hotter, harder and longer, but about empowering you with information.

Saturday March 31st - 11am-3pm - $65
Inner Mirror - Bend 90 Workshop and Master Class
Become your own North Star. Optimize the healing power of the 26&2 Bend 90 (Bikram Yoga) through augmentative exercises that provide practical feeling-references that up your skill. There is no substitute for how good it can feel when you see beyond the front mirror into your neurology and use your inner mirror to guide your exploration of the postures. This workshop is a complete practice that will deepen your conceptual and tangible understanding and give you a nice yoga buzz. This is not about hotter, harder and longer, but about empowering you with information. The Workshop begins with detail and laughter and concludes with practice and application.
(11-1: Fundamentals & Philosophy, 1-3: Bend 90 Class)

Saturday March 31st - 5:30-7:30pm - $35
Practical Magic - Pranayama and Meditation
The esoteric meets the practical with a meditation and pranayama sequence for those of us living in a cold environment like Montana.

Sunday April 1st - 11am-1:30pm - $45
Hot Higher Education - Beyond 26 & 2
A unique series born of the therapeutic principles of the beginning class. An invigorating, accessible and slightly cooler roadmap to further exploration of yoga and self through asana and breath, this practice addresses the diagnoses I have made over 8 years of worldwide seminars in the Bikram Yoga Community with regard to the most common needs of Bikram practitioners. In other words, concepts and balance are primary and poses remain the tools to those ends. This is a complete class for all practitioners rather than merely advanced with some hard stuff removed. You can call it Intermediate class if you must.

Sunday April 1st - 2:30-5pm - $45
Movement For Life - Coordination and Mobility for Longevity and Joy
Focused, interactive, and fun, this class develops awareness of the spine and body in space. Precise movements are isolated and then integrated into a series of games that work flexibility, strength and coordination and make adults smile like kids.

Special Prices - Cash or check only.
Early bird Until March 9th: $185 whole weekend
Whole weekend: $195     All day Saturday: $90     All day Sunday: $80