Workshops with Gianna Purcell

Workshops with Gianna Purcell

Bend Beyond is happy to announce our first workshop weekend with Gianna Pursell! Gianna is an internationally recognized Bikram certified teacher, a 500-hour E-RYT and teaches meditation, yin and ashtanga/vinyasa in addition to the 26+2 series. Her mission is to make practice attainable for people of all shapes, sizes, and ages for the purpose of healing and adaptation. For more information on Gianna, please visit her website. This is an incredible opportunity to deepen your practice and should not be missed! To register please email

Workshops with Benjamin Sears

Bend Beyond is happy to announce the return of Benjamin Sears to Bozeman for a weekend of yoga workshops! Benjamin is an internationally known yoga teacher and mentor and was recently dubbed a "master" by Yoga Journal. For more information on Benjamin, please visit his website This is an incredible opportunity to deepen your practice and should not be missed! To register please email Kristyn at

Friday March 30th - 4-6:30pm - $35
Effort to Grace - Bend 90 Extended Master Class
Up your skill to turn effort into grace. Learn how the Bandhas (energetic locks) apply in your Bend 90 (Bikram Yoga) practice and find peace within the intensity. This is not about hotter, harder and longer, but about empowering you with information.

Saturday March 31st - 11am-3pm - $65
Inner Mirror - Bend 90 Workshop and Master Class
Become your own North Star. Optimize the healing power of the 26&2 Bend 90 (Bikram Yoga) through augmentative exercises that provide practical feeling-references that up your skill. There is no substitute for how good it can feel when you see beyond the front mirror into your neurology and use your inner mirror to guide your exploration of the postures. This workshop is a complete practice that will deepen your conceptual and tangible understanding and give you a nice yoga buzz. This is not about hotter, harder and longer, but about empowering you with information. The Workshop begins with detail and laughter and concludes with practice and application.
(11-1: Fundamentals & Philosophy, 1-3: Bend 90 Class)

Saturday March 31st - 5:30-7:30pm - $35
Practical Magic - Pranayama and Meditation
The esoteric meets the practical with a meditation and pranayama sequence for those of us living in a cold environment like Montana.

Sunday April 1st - 11am-1:30pm - $45
Hot Higher Education - Beyond 26 & 2
A unique series born of the therapeutic principles of the beginning class. An invigorating, accessible and slightly cooler roadmap to further exploration of yoga and self through asana and breath, this practice addresses the diagnoses I have made over 8 years of worldwide seminars in the Bikram Yoga Community with regard to the most common needs of Bikram practitioners. In other words, concepts and balance are primary and poses remain the tools to those ends. This is a complete class for all practitioners rather than merely advanced with some hard stuff removed. You can call it Intermediate class if you must.

Sunday April 1st - 2:30-5pm - $45
Movement For Life - Coordination and Mobility for Longevity and Joy
Focused, interactive, and fun, this class develops awareness of the spine and body in space. Precise movements are isolated and then integrated into a series of games that work flexibility, strength and coordination and make adults smile like kids.

Special Prices - Cash or check only.
Early bird Until March 9th: $185 whole weekend
Whole weekend: $195     All day Saturday: $90     All day Sunday: $80


New Schedule Starts January 2, 2018

New Year, New Classes, New YOU!!

7:30am - Inferno Hot Pilates
9am - Bend 90
12pm - Beyond 60
4pm - Bend 90
6pm - Inferno Hot Pilates

6:15am - Bend 60
7:30am - Inferno Hot Pilates
9am - Silent Bend 90
12pm - Inferno Hot Pilates
4pm - Bend 90
6pm - Bend 90

7:30am - Inferno Hot Pilates
9am - Bend 90
12pm - Bend 60
4pm - Bend 90
6pm - Bend 90

6:15am - Bend 60
7:30am - Inferno Hot Pilates
9am - Bend 90
12pm - Beyond 90
4pm - Bend 90
6pm - Inferno Hot Pilates

7:30am - Inferno Hot Pilates
9am - Bend 90
12pm - Inferno Hot Pilates
4pm - Bend 90

7:30am - Bend 90
9:30am - Inferno Hot Pilates
4pm - Bend 90

7:30am - Bend 90
9:30am - Inferno Hot Pilates
4pm - Bend 90

Bend 90
This classic 90-minute hot yoga class is 100% authentic Bikram Yoga, 26 postures & 2 breathing exercises accessible and challenging for all!

Bend 60
This intelligent 60-minute hot yoga class moves through a series of Ghosh Yoga postures with both tempo and flow. All levels welcome!

Beyond 90
Deepen your beginner practice with this 90-minute class comprised of the "Core 40" postures of Ghosh Yoga, including salutations & arm balances.

Beyond 60
This challenging, fun, & faster-paced 60-minute class adds salutations, hip openers, arm balances, & deeper stretching poses to our Bend 60 class.

Inferno Hot Pilates
Inferno Hot Pilates is a fun, full body, high intensity, low impact workout using Pilates principles. This 60-minute class to music is for all fitness levels and is guaranteed to leave you feeling AMAZING!

2017 MSU Greek Get HOT Challenge

MSU Greek Life - Are you ready to Get HOT?!?!? The 2nd Annual Greek Get HOT Challenge is here! Challenge your body, challenge your mind, and have the BEST LIFE! All challenge participants from both the sorority and the fraternity with the most points (one point every time a member attends a class) at the end of the challenge get FREE classes all Spring Semester.

WHAT: Attend as many Classic Hot Yoga and Inferno Hot Pilates classes as you can in 60 days.

WHEN: Sunday 9/24 - Wednesday 11/22

WHY: (1) To feel AMAZING! and (2) To WIN FREE unlimited classes for the whole 2018 Spring Semester!

HOW: Sign-up today! The cost of the challenge is only $60. Sign-up by 9/24 and you get two FREE CLASS passes and a coupon for 30% off one retail item. To sign-up, log-in or create an account here and choose MSU Greek Get Hot Challenge in the Online Store. FIRST 50 PEOPLE TO SIGN-UP WILL BE ENTERED IN A RAFFLE TO WIN A FREE YOGA MAT!!

Still not sure if the HOT room is for you? Come try ANY class 9/17-9/23 for ONLY $5! Click here for our schedule. To take advantage of this offer you MUST create an account and email to reserve a spot in the class you'd like to attend.

Winter Solstice Celebration - 108 Sun Salutes

Join us at 6pm on Wednesday December 21st to celebrate the Winter Solstice with 108 salutes to the sun! This invigorating and meditative practice is a great way to celebrate the change in seasons. Practice sessions will be held after every Core 40 class in December. For (slow) step-by-step instructions on the version of Salute to the Sun we will be practicing, check out this video. Sign-up for the celebration at the front desk!

Spring Clean From the Inside - 11 Days Starts April 16th

Want to feel absolutely fabulous this Spring?? Join us for an 11-day nutritional rebalancing program this April. Let us help you customize your program to help you meet your goals and receive daily coaching emails with tips, motivation, and healthy recipes. Start any day that works for you or get extra support and do it with the group starting April 16th. Make sure to sign-up by April 8th to ensure you get your supplies on time. Basic Program: $188.
BB Recommended Program: $245. Price varies for customized programs.

Sign-up and get more info at the front desk!

Posture of the Month - Cobra Pose

Key Points for Your Practice:
-Legs and feet are together throughout the entire posture. Leg and hip muscles nice and tight - one leg like a cobra tail!
-Try using your 100% BACK strength to lift the upper body off the floor. BUT, if your chest is still on the floor, push into your hands a little bit to get the chest off the floor and the arms to a 90 degree angle. This way you receive the compression benefits in the lower spine.
-Keep your elbows close to the ribs and try to slide them down towards the hips to keep your shoulders down and the trapezius muscles visible.
-Come out of the posture slowly and smoothly, building will power and discipline. 

Strengthens: Latissimus dorsi, erector spinae, trapezius, gluteal muscles, abdomen, thighs, deltoids, & biceps.

Stretches: Hip joints, shoulders, heart, & lungs. 

Stimulates: Spinous process, kidneys and renal system, digestive organs, & reproductive organs. 

Benefits: Relieves back pain; increases spinal strength and flexibility; improves the function of the large and small intestines, liver, kidney, and spleen; improves pigeon chest by opening the rib cage; permits maximum expansion of the lungs increasing oxygen intake, therapeutic for asthma; improves digestion and elimination; improves function of reproductive organs; helps relieve lumbago, rheumatism, and arthritis of the spine; reduces symptoms of gout, herniated disc, sciatica, and tennis elbow; relieve menstrual problems; strengthens the immune system and revitalizes the thyroid; helps sciatica; tones the optic nerve, improving vision; & regulates blood pressure through compression of the kidneys and renal system. 

What is happening in the posture: Cobra targets the lower, lumbar region, of the spine and helps with various spinal conditions. This posture massages the abdomen and pelvic region, promoting healthy digestive and reproductive function.


Hot Yoga Book Club

Please join us at the Coop Downtown for an hour of lively discussion led by Professor Michael Sexson. Come exchange ideas, talk philosophy, and explore literary themes all related to our practice: hot + yoga. This month we will be focusing on the third poem "The Dry Salvages" in the "Four Quartets" by TS Eliot. Next Meeting: Thursday April 14th at 7pm

Posture of the Month - Standing Deep Breathing

Posture of the Month - Standing Deep Breathing

This breathing exercise wakes up the body and mind for class. On each inhale you can fill your lungs with up to six times more oxygen than a regular breath, energizing the body with fresh oxygen. With each exhale you detoxify the lungs, releasing cellular and metabolic waste from the respiratory system. Find out more about Standing Deep Breathing, including benefits and practice tips by clicking Read More.


Join us for a FREE one hour guided meditation led by Alice Robinson from Bozeman's Dharma Center. Meditations are the first Monday and third Tuesday of every month at 8pm. No experience necessary. Come with an open heart and something comfortable to sit on.

Next Meditation Dates:
Monday 3/7
Tuesday 3/15
Monday 4/4
Tuesday 4/12

New Year Specials - Commit to YOGA and YOU in 2016

Yearly Unlimited for Only $999 in January Only
Commit to yoga, commit to yourself in 2016!! Works out to only $83.25 per month! Offer available January 1st - January 31st. 

50 Class Card Only $499 in January Only
Commit to one class a week in 2016 and pay only $10 per class! Offer available January 1st - January 31st. Class Card expires one year from date of purchase. No extensions. Only one class card per yogi.



Posture of the Month - Eagle Pose

Posture of the Month - Eagle Pose

Eagle pose opens the major joints in the body. Pressure created during the pose helps to irrigate the circulatory system. Blood reserved in the muscles during the pose, flushes the joints after the pose is released, helping to relieve joint problems and maintaining synovial fluid. Eagle Pose is the fourth posture practiced in the Classic 26/2 series and comes right before the much anticipated "Party Time." Find out more about Eagle Pose, including benefits and practice tips on our website.